Trig. The headset earpieces share the radio output to both P1 & P2. The consequence of […]
This is a look at a Sky Arrow but the main point here is the earthing […]
Today I investigated the shroud mounted antenna which is installed on most CFM Shadows. Here is […]
Hi Everbody, I have now had a look at a Shadow and here are my findings […]
Hello again ! *GOLDEN NUGGET* A tuned aerial uses less power ! Let’s get back to […]
Today we have a look at the C42 configuration and it turns out to be a […]
Icom antenna delivered with IC-A20 radio On the Icom aerial it says 120 Mhz and from […]
Most aviators are in possession of a hand held airband radio. This radio probably came with […]
This website is dedicated to obtaining perfect airband communication for the amateur, weekend, hobby -aviator. The […]