Trig. The headset earpieces share the radio output to both P1 & P2. The consequence of this is that the impedance halves and the sound drops when the second headset is plugged in. The result is that you need to turn up the volume. Yeah and that helps does it? good each mic can be configured which is a fantastic feature! This one was developed for glider if I am right and one of the forerunners but outdone by the funke. Does not support dynamic mics. Strength 3

Funke good as each headset has its own connection both mike and earpieces. the radio does not share and treats each headset independently It also has mic auto detect so very much superior and the better choice if you were to ask me. On top of that you can get the orange led version. best bang for your bucks. Strength 4

KR2 There is only one thing that lets this radio down and that is the screen. This is definitely one piece of kit with even an indicator that your antenna is working correctly. These guys in my view know what they are doing and are looking after the pilots. Strength 5



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