Most aviators are in possession of a hand held airband radio. This radio probably came with a standard ‘rubber duck’ antenna. How good are these?

Recently I bought a Yaesu Pro-x hand held airband radio. This entry will take a look at the included antenna.

Yaesu Pro-x

There is nothing but good to say about the radio’s quality. What about the antenna?

SWR Measurement

This does indeed look disappointing!

With a SWR 1.5 at the bottom of the band and rising steeply. What real use does this antenna bring?

Firstly, this is an antenna to be used with the radio as a true hand held, local short distance ground work – on the airfield. Certainly not an antenna to fly with.

Secondly, the SWR at the emergency band is acceptable (barely under 2.0), but not as good as it could be.

I will analyse more antennas of different makes and provide alternatives for your radios that improve upon the standard antennas.

SWR – Standing Wave Ratio


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